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A Word From Dipalee


If you are an ordinary engineering or a management graduate seeking a job, which you may agree is quite difficult at times, you may consider a way out by being “self employed”

If you like the field of education and are willing to work creatively you can make a fortune. I am introducing this, one of its kind and unique Aeromodelling Entrepreneurship Program. After this program you will become a certified Aeromodelling educator. You can start your own branded Aeromodelling workshops and camps business from your home itself for a low investment and get self employed. You will be able to earn good enough to take care of yourself and your family by making a very decent income that is sure to exceed the salary you can make. And you can still do this part time, so to continue with your existing job or business.

I invite you to join the Aeromodelling Entrepreneurship Program. Minimum technicalities involved in Aeromodelling and the business know-hows will be core agenda of this program.

Be among the first to understand the way Aeromodelling is taught and start your journey on your way of entrepreneurship. You can start your earnings immediately after the program under your own brand. 

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Aeromodelling Entrepreneurship Program


Why This Program?

Choose your own path

You're better off being self-employed

Accept the fact

There are a huge number of job seekers and very less jobs. Accept and realize the fact that job scenario is getting worsened every day. If you are a recent pass-out, then grabbing a job to start off your career is a real deal. 

Developing an in-demand skill like Aeromodelling and starting off a Aeromodelling education business is a glimmer of hope. Aeromodelling Entrepreneurship Program offers a unique and one of its kind opportunity for you to start off with this business. Nevertheless you can still remain on the employment horizon to keep searching for your dream job, as this business can be kept off part time, still earning a decent amount.


Why work for someone else?

Become your own Boss

Escape the rat race..right away! If you really want to be your own Boss, then again, self employment is the only viable option.

Aeromodelling Educator is a good self-employment option, you would no longer have a “higher-up” governing your every move. Take control of how your work is done.  Clients have some say in your offering, but that’s it — their power ends there. How you get on your path to success is completely up to you and that is awesome.

Low Investment Startup

Get off - get going

No million dollar venture begins with million dollars in hand.  Aeromodelling Entrepreneurship Program is a learning for which you pay a small cost just one time to start your business. There are no other investments involved to start the business. Then what more? You can get this small investment earned back at the start of your business itself. 


Earn More Money

Earn what you deserve

You can earn a pretty decent amount by conducting even a couple of workshops in a month. That’s a month’s earning by just two days of working!

Additionally this is a higher margin business – and you are allowed to actually keep everything of what you earn.

Better still you can keep negotiating for higher end rates or set your own bare minimum. There’s no reason you can’t pull in just as much (or more!) money. Speak business!

You will be more valued

Become a self brand

As a Aeromodelling Educator, you come out of the hive and become a highly-valued individual. More importantly, you get to decide what value you want.

You will get credited for your own work. And, through your business you will start to earn some name recognition, not just among your long-time clients, but from complete strangers as well. You create a brand – you yourself become a brand


Aeromodelling - A flying fascination

Teach making model airplanes

Aeromodelling is pretty much in demand due to the creativity, fun, learning and fascination involved especially in kids segment. So there is a huge customer base for this business. 

Parents look for good scientific activities and holistic development of their children and they are ready to pay for it. People are also fascinated of airplanes, aeronautics and flying, of which Aeromodelling is a closely associated activity. 

Aeromodelling is a niche that has good future existence and popularity. It will make a long-term and sustainable business that will keep you earning stable profits.

The Program

For aspiring entrepreneurs - Start your own Aeromodelling Business

The breadth and width of Aeromodelling

  • Understanding the jargons in Aeromodelling
  • Understanding the art, science, various types and importance of Aeromodelling
  • Aeromodelling as a sector, opportunities that exist and future trends
  • Rules, regulations, licensing, permissions and authorities governing Aeromodelling
  • Aeromodelling Education Module
  • Basic physics and aeronautics

Aeromodelling Business, Marketing and Operations

  • When, where and how to organize and host Aeromodelling workshops
  • Understanding and aligning expectations, interest level and ability of participants to design the format and contents of your workshop
  • Where and how to do marketing
  • Customer delight - Reviewing, followups, customer engagement and retention
  • Branding and personal image management

Aeromodelling Interactive Session

  • Understanding how to enrich knowledge of participants about Aeromodelling and leading interactive sessions
  • Creating interest and curiosity, retaining the fun element
  • Videos and animations
  • Conducting quiz, brainstorming and group discussions

Model Planes Making Activities

  • Understanding DIY model plane making activities
  • Flying Practice, testing and tweaking of model planes
  • Understanding how to instruct participants on making the model planes

Field Flying and Demonstrations

  • Anchoring and demonstrating advanced model planes
  • Instructing participants to fly model planes they have made
  • Hands on model plane flying activities

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Aeromodelling Entrepreneurship Program

High Octane Aerosports

Ideal for

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs in training startups/business
  • Freshers/Job seekers
  • School Teachers
  • Activity center instructors
  • Housewives
  • College Students

Qualifications and skills

  • Science/Engineering Diploma or degree holder
  • Passionate in teaching to kids
  • Pleasing personality and communication skills
  • Good spoken English and presentation skills
  • Training and marketing know-hows

Program Takeaways

  • PPT soft copy for interactive session
  • Videos and animations
  • Sample model kits
  • Sample flyers, handouts and curriculum
  • Certificate

After the Program

Get into the business! You will become a certified Aeromodelling Educator. You can start organising your own Aeromodelling workshops and camps for kids.

You have our guidance and inspiration on the way.

I liked it . . .

Thank you so much for a great program. I did not really know what Aeromodelling was, I got not only the technical knowledge required to conduct the workshops but how to genuinely make it a foundation for the business. Everything was so interesting, fun and I'll be sure to use the learnings for my own success! Thanks again!


Ready To Join The Aeromodelling Entrepreneurship Program?

Enter your details below to receive program updates, offers and discounts instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your doubts clarified about Aeromodelling Educator Program

What's so special about Aeromodelling Entrepreneurship Program?

1 This is the most realistic and complete program after which you can start conducting your own Aeromodelling  workshops and summer camps for kids and create your own brand. This is not a franchisee, there are no royalties, commissions, licensing, contracts, commitments or renewals. So whatever you earn is completely yours. Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, this program sets you off to get self employed.

Can I claim a refund if I am not satisfied or I am not successful?

2 Cost will not be refunded. You are starting your own business, so you have to understand the risks of business – that’s the part of being into business. 

Do I need to pay the cost in advance?

3 Our plans and time are precious.  For the sake of consistency and being fair we cannot accept a verbal confirmation from your side. Full cost need to be paid in advance.

Can a graduate from non technical field become an Aeromodelling Educator?

4 Absolutely. You only need to have enough technical knowledge to kids’ level of understanding. This level of technical knowledge is part of the program. You can confidently conduct workshops after the program.

What additional investments shall I need?

5 This is a home based business. You can make an office if you want. Laptop will be needed. Visiting cards, printed receipts and other stationary will be required Aeromodelling kits will be required which are not costly and you can prefer buying them as your business proceed, so not much additional cost will be involved.

How many workshops will recover my investment?

6 Just one to two workshops you can expect it will take for the return of your investment. 

What will be the medium of instruction?

7 Medium of instruction will be English, Hindi and Marathi. You can conduct workshops in your own regional languages after that depending upon your locality. 

How to register for the program?

8 You can express your interest by submitting the contact form below. You will get a reply with payment instructions. Once you pay the cost, your registration will be confirmed.

Let's do this!

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INR 60,000 per person


  • Duration: 3 Days, 8 hrs per day
  • Only one program will be conducted once in 3 months
  • Upcoming program schedule will be posted here
  • Small group (3 people max.)
  • Program conducted in Pune
  • We do not conduct this program 'on demand' at venue/time of your choice

Please note

Cost of program indicated here is for the upcoming program and may change for the next program

20% fees to be paid in advance by bank transfer/Paytm to book and confirm your seat. Balance to be paid at the program venue before the start of the program. Fees once paid will not be refunded, transferred or adjusted.

Upcoming Program

28, 29, 30 June 2019

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Aeromodelling Entrepreneurship Program